Here's a quick list the essentials to ensure you can be matched to jobs, and will ensure recruiters and hiring managers take you seriously.

  1. Picture: a must to be taken seriously. Be sure it is a clear headshot and professional.
  2. Headline: explain what you do here so people know - marketing, sales, software, writing, etc.
  3. Rate: most hiring managers will pass over your profile if they don't understand your desired compensation.
  4. Skills: as seen above - they display in search results and match you to jobs.
  5. Location: if a hiring manager is looking for specific timezones, you'll be overlooked without a location.
  6. Services: not pictured above, but this is the single most important factor. It helps match you to jobs and make you visible to employers with related job postings. 
  7. About Me: tell people about your professional experience. Why should someone hire you?

Also great to have

  1. Projects: if you can show visual examples of your work you will stand out and catch extra attention.
  2. Experience & Education: Show employers where you learned your skills and others who have employed your talents.
  3. Reviews & Recommendations: This carry a lot of weight with employers, especially if they're caught in between applicants. They want to feel assured that they will get the quality they need and are paying for. 

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