makes it easy to take your professional connections to the next level by leveraging your network on to find new job opportunities. By connecting your social media accounts, you will be able to quickly and easily buildup your network on, allowing you to directly message and view their profiles.

Social accounts that you can connect are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Steps for connecting Social Media Accounts: 

 1. Login to
 2. Click in the upper right hand corner, on your profile photo.
 3. Click on "Settings"

 4.  In "Settings", click on the "Social" tab all the way to the right, towards the top of the page

 5. This will bring you to a page where you are able to link your social media accounts from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Please click either "Import" or "Connect" next to the account that you would like to link and follow the prompts to complete the process of linking your account.

Disclaimer: will never post on your behalf. When connecting your social media account you give access to your contacts. Full details of access are provided when you go to link the account. 

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