Payment Protection offers payment protection for all your fixed price contracts on our site, your funds will be held in escrow to allow you to view the work and ensure the milestones are met prior to you releasing payment.

Hourly jobs are covered by our payment protection as well, hours logged can be easily monitored by viewing an hourly time sheet that is found by viewing your “Reports” tab.

How Does Protect Me And My Work?

Our Approvals Team flags fraudulent activity to help ensure a safe workplace. Once the person you have hired has received payment for work completed on a project our Terms of Service specify that ownership of that work transfers to the client.

Fixed Price Protection

Projects funded with escrow ensure that your work is funded before you even begin working on your client’s milestones.

Hourly Payment Protection

Make sure an hour worked is an hour paid. As outlined in hourly escrow instructions, our Hourly Timesheet’s tracks the hours logged so you are paid accordingly.


At, we work towards creating a platform that provides a safe and thriving workplace. This includes security measures that flag suspicious activity and a team dedicated to to ensure you are successful in using our site.However, to help you better protect yourself we have included some general tips and resources to consider while working on

Keeping your computer safe

It’s important to keep your computer secure, both inside and out. Consider the following:

  • Lock, log off, or turn off your computer when not in use
  • Schedule recurring computer scans using antivirus software
  • Keep your antivirus software, browsers, plug-ins, applications, and operating systems up-to-date (or set them to update automatically)

Safeguarding your private information

Treat your personal information like you would your wallet. Here are some tips:

  • Choose strong, unique passwords (mix letters, symbols, and numbers) and change them often
  • Don’t click unknown links, or enter your credentials on unfamiliar sites
  • Don’t leave your computer unattended, and always log off if using a public computer

Recognizing and avoiding phishing

Phishing is when unscrupulous users try to steal your financial information by impersonating a person or a business. A phishing attempt may:

  • Invoke a sense of urgency to encourage you to act before you think
  • Come from a familiar sender for believability
  • Contain suspicious URLs or attachments, often with shortened links
  • Include legitimate images like logos

Educating yourself and trusting your instincts are key to protecting yourself:

  • Avoid sharing personal information when it is requested through email
  • Ensure that the message content makes sense, and confirm with the actual business when in doubt
  • Type URLs directly into your browser to prevent yourself from being routed to fake login pages

Protecting yourself from malware

Malware includes computer viruses, spyware, and other intrusive software installed on your computer without your consent. To avoid malware:

  • Scan downloaded attachments for malware before opening them
  • Trust your browser’s security warnings for potentially malicious files

If you notice your computer slowing down, serving pop-ups or ads, or any unexpected changes in your browser, have your computer scanned by an antivirus program.

Reporting a Suspicious User

To report a user, contact Customer Support, it’s easy just send us a message on our chat feature.

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