Here are a few tips on standing out to employers when applying for a job:

  • Start with a short, quick intro about who you are and what work you are looking for (the client will be able to see the rest on your profile).
  • Refer to the specific project or position and show that you really read the project description. In other words - do not use a template! ¬†Including something that is relevant to the position is a sure way to get the hiring manager's attention.
  • If you have worked on similar projects or at a similar company in the past, let the hiring manager know and send links to those projects if possible.
  • For freelance jobs, be clear about what is included in the offer and what is not. If your quote is higher or lower than the budget, give details about the reasons. Justify your cost calculations as no one wants to spend more without knowing why. Be clear about rates and hours.
  • Before sending your application: proofread. This is important for every single application. A grammatical or spelling error could suggest that you might not be reliable when it comes to offering a high standard of work.


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