Job Preferences are used to match job seekers with the best jobs and are used by recruiters to verify your availability.

Job Status: indicate whether you are actively, passively, or not currently looking for new job opportunity, as well as how many hours you're looking to work per week (if you're actively searching).

Job role or services you offer: Select your preferred job roles and/or freelance services you offer- these will appear on your profile and will be used for job matching. You can add as many applicable services as you'd like, and make sure you add the years of experience and experience level for each. 

Type of position: You can select freelance, full-time, and part-time.

Hourly rate and annual salary: the desired hourly rate will be displayed on your profile if you select that you're actively searching for jobs.

Notification preferences: indicate how often you'd like to receive job match emails.

Important: Filling out all fields is required in order for you "Job Preferences" to save and update your profile completeness. You can edit these at any time by going to your profile and clicking the pencil icon when hovering over your availability in the right-hand corner. 

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