Having a fully completed profile is the best way to allow others to get to know you as a professional by showcasing your skills, talent, and background.

Here are the parts of your profile that you can complete along with the percent breakdown:

  • Profile Photo (10%) - A clear, professional portrait of yourself
  • Headline (10%) - Tell people what you do. This is what others will see in search results.
  • About Me - A more detailed explanation of your professional work history, an introduction about yourself and information on the work that you do.
  • Job Preferences (20%) - Specific information relating to your job status, interests and desired rates.
  • Services - Add the industries and fields you work in. This is one of the ways that we match you to potential job opportunities.
  • My Skills (10%) -  Specific programs, certifications, abilities, etc. Examples - email marketing, javascript, sketch, translation, cold calling. Make sure to add at least 5 skills to your profile. 
  • Connect a Social Account (10%) - Another way to grow and expand your network. You can link Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
  • Experience (20%) - Add current and past work experience to let people know about various roles you’ve held.
  • Education (10%) - Add your educational history to strengthen your profile and make connections.
  • Projects (10%) - Add examples of your work - whether marketing projects, design, products, writing, spreadsheets or anything between. Projects are a great way to visualize your abilities.
  • Reviews - Reviews come from the clients that you work with through Remote.com  once a contract is completed. Reviews offer more insight into their experience working with you (i.e. professionalism, communication, quality of work, etc).
  • Recommendations - Feedback and comments from previous clients or colleagues that you can manually add to your profile.

We let you know the current completion percentage of your profile and how you can update it (via the progress tracker banner on the profile page). If you don't see the progress tracker you're profile is at 100%.

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