There are a few very important steps to take as a job seeker to ensure that you receive maximum exposure to the best-matched jobs and increase your likelihood of being hired on

Having a complete and detailed profile is crucial for finding success on  Your profile will be shared with every application that you send and will be searchable for recruiters sourcing candidates.  In addition, will use the information you enter into you profile to match and invite you to jobs based on your experience and skills.

Job Preferences
The Job Preferences section is where you share what type of job and role(s) you are looking for, whether you are actively or passively searching, and what type of location criteria you have.  This information will also be used by to invite you to apply to the most relevant jobs and to ensure that you see the best job opportunities.

Job Search
Once you have your Profile and Job Preferences completed, you will be able to utilize the job search to browse the various jobs available on and submit applications to the relevant companies.

Job Matching

Once your profile is at least 80% complete, you activate our matching making technology. When your profile and your preferences are a good match for a job, our system will ping you to notify you. You do not pay anything to apply to a job when invited.

If you are not invited to a job you can still apply, but a paid subscription is required. This limits the number of people applying who are not a match for the job.

95% of total job applications on Remote are via our matching invite system, and are completely free to apply. This is how the platform is intended to be used.

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