is the leading online resource to find top talent for both freelance and employee positions. Simply post a job and our matching algorithm will share your job with the best candidates, making it easy to quickly find and hire for your positions.

Talent Pool has the largest talent pool looking for remote and flexible positions, including top professionals in software, design, marketing, sales, engineering, and more. Our unique profiles provide a detailed overview of each candidate's professional career, allowing recruiters to easily review candidates and source for positions.

Matching Technology

Our matching system has been developed to provide precise matching between employers and job candidates. For each job posted, the algorithm prioritizes candidates based on their professional experience, job preferences and activity. As employers engage with candidates, the system uses machine learning to gain a deeper understanding of employer's preferences to ensure that the best-matched candidates are invited to apply.

Types of Jobs

Jobs on can be posted as either a Company Job or as a Freelancer/Contractor Job:

Company Jobs

Company job posts are for employers looking to hire for part or full-time positions where payment is handled directly between the company and the employee. Employers are able to post positions that are 100% remote positions and flexible positions that may have a location requirement. 

Get started posting company jobs by creating a company profile that highlights the organization, team and culture. In addition, company profiles include information unique to remote/flexible positions such as how the team communicates and the percentage of team that works remotely.

Additional exposure for jobs is available by upgrading the job post to Premium and Elite. These jobs receive additional job targeting to the talent pool and highlighted placement on Remote. With Elite Placement, companies work with a team of industry leading recruiters who are experts in finding and identifying the best talent for the job.

Freelance and Contract Jobs

Freelance jobs are for individuals or companies looking to hire someone on a contractual basis where payment is sent using's escrow system. In addition to sending payments, provides a dashboard to easily manage freelancers with direct messaging and weekly reports.

Payment Protection is setup to ensure that both the freelancer and client are satisfied with the work, and that freelancers will receive payment for work provided. Freelance jobs can be paid with fixed milestones or based on an hourly rate with a weekly hourly limit. In case there is a dispute between the freelancer and client, the payment will continue to be held in escrow until the parties resolve the dispute.

To learn more about the various options to find and hire talent on, click here.

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