Once you are ready to hire an applicant for a freelance position, you will be able to send them an offer on Remote.com.  The job can be setup in two ways:

Hourly job: Pay the freelancer based on an hourly rate.  The client will be charged each Sunday at midnight UTC for the hours the freelance worked each week and then the funds will be released to the freelancer on Thursdays.  This is recommend for ongoing engagements with freelancers.

If this is the first time you are hirng on Remote.com, a deposit of 20% of the weekly limit will be charged until you've transacted $500.00 on the site.

Fixed-price job: Pay the freelance with milestone payments when a portion of the job or the entire job is complete.  This is a good option for a project that has a defined timeline.

A minimum of 10% deposited is required to send an offer for a fixed-price job.

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