uses a payment processor that holds funds in an escrow account. For fixed-rate jobs, these funds are held in escrow until released by the client.  For hourly jobs, clients are billed on Sunday at midnight UTC and payments are released Thursday at midnight UTC, providing time for the client to dispute hours entered.

Important: For the protection of both parties, make sure to pay directly through; as this is the only way for us to protect your transaction.


Clients are able to fund job contracts with the following methods with a Debit or Credit Card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Using a credit card to pay to fund a job contract costs 2.75% per transaction. Prepaid cards can be used as long as you have sufficient funds. 

You are able to setup primary and backup payment methods in your digital wallet, which is accessible in the Settings section.  Clients may be prompted to enter a payment method for verification while using and prior to sending an offer.  Either of the available payment methods can be used for verification.

*Only available in the U.S.

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