What is Remote?
Remote is the largest network of remote freelance, part-time, and full-time job seekers with over 2.3M candidates. We have been connecting employers like with remote talent for over 3 years. Employers can find talent on Remote by searching candidate profiles and posting smart jobs that actively work to increase your candidate quality through AI technology or be hand matched with the top 1% of talent on Remote with Elite Placement. 

What is Elite Placement?
Elite Placement is a curated matching service that delivers pre-vetted, top 1% of freelance talent to you. 

How does it work?
Initial Consultation - We dig in and understand exactly who you’re looking for.
Elite Talent Selection - We find the perfect match for you from the best freelance talent on Remote.

Try Them Out - Work with your Elite Expert for two weeks to ensure they’re the right fit, with no obligation to pay if you’re not 100% satisfied.
Hire Without The Hassle - Integrate your Elite Talent into your team and normal workflow without having to worry about all the HR paperwork. Pay one price to Remote and we handle all the payroll and paperwork so you can keep focused on the important stuff. 

How do you ensure the best quality talent with Elite Placement?
All Elite Talent is thoroughly screened, vetted, and has a strongest work history with Remote. We’ve been working with top freelance talent for years and have gotten to know which freelancers our clients rave about. In order to become a member of Elite, a candidate must first meet a thorough skills and experience review and have a proven and strong positive history of client reviews on Remote. They are then screened for strong language proficiency and must complete and score in the top 1% of an in depth skills test. 

How long does it typically take?
Most of the time it takes 1-3 days to match you with Elite Talent and start working with them. We have an active network of top freelancers who are ready and waiting to tackle their next project. If, in the rarer case, we don’t have the right match within our network, our Talent Team will go out and find the right person, thoroughly screen and vet them, and deliver to you in 1-2 weeks.

Who is in your Elite Talent network?
Elite Talent members are the best freelance developers from over 100 countries, giving you access to the best freelance talent in the world. 

What does it cost?
There is an initial $500 deposit that is applied to your first freelancer payment or fully refundable if you’re not satisfied during the 2 week trial period. 

Since developers in different parts of the world have different compensation requirements, we can present options at varying price points. Most prices are within the following range:

Hourly: $50-90+/hour
Part-time: $900-$1,500+/week
Full-time: $1,800-$3,000+/week

What if my Elite Freelancer isn’t a fit?
If it’s within the 2 week trial period, you get a full refund of your deposit, no payment is due, and if you choose, we will find a replacement. If after the 2 week trial, you will only be responsible for paying on hours already worked and can discontinue the relationship at any point. There is no minimum time obligation to work with an Elite Freelancer. 

What if I want to hire my Elite Contractor as an employee?
That’s great! We love connecting our Elite Members with full time employment and our employers with great permanent fits. We can even help facilitate this. 

How is Remote’s Elite Placement different?
We work with a lot of the exact same “top” freelancers that you will find from other services, but it’s cheaper on Remote? Why? Because we have other revenue streams and the largest existing network of remote talent. We charge less because we can.

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